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A Big Indah Thank You to Teachers

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Teachers. What on earth would we do without them? They help to mould the future generations, they look after our kids for a considerable amount of the working week and do their best to educate them. Yes, they do get fantastic breaks throughout the year, but I can assure you, they are certainly well deserved! Anyone who has a loved one that is a teacher will understand why.


My almost-husband is a teacher, a high school one. He is up and at work well before the students arrive and there long after that final bell rings and his holidays are always partly filled with planning the following terms classes. I have thought so many times about how amazing it would be to have 12 weeks of holidays a year, but those thoughts are always immediately followed with how much I would loathe having to control a class of 20-30 kids the remaining 40 weeks of the year!

I know for my fella, and I am sure most teachers, there is so, so much more to being a teacher than just teaching. They look out for signs of students not being able to cope, this could be in school or in their home life, and then take the necessary measures to ensure the student will be looked after. They deal with parents- concerned parents, unhappy parents, angry parents and of course the proud ones too. They do their very best to ensure their students are learning the things they need to. And they try their very best to keep your kids safe whilst they are in their care.

School holidays are coming up shortly and Indah would like to offer some well-deserved relaxation to the teachers in the Geraldton community. So during the upcoming holidays, any teachers that book in a luxurious facial will receive a beautiful Soothing Mint Foot Treatment for FREE. And fellas, if you’re thinking ‘aren’t facials for the lady-folk?’ you are mistaken! We have the super-manly Man Maintenance Facial for you to enjoy along with your foot treatment.

Recently, I treated my almost-husband to a treatment and he had some lovely things to say about it…

“I had the Man Maintenance Facial, it was great! It’s been a busy start to the year for me, so to be able to go into Indah and put my feet up for a little while was exactly what my body and brain needed. Being a guy, it can be a bit intimidating going into a day spa, but the girls at Indah are always welcoming and professional. The products they used on me smelt great too, sort of woody scents, not too girly. Thanks girls, I’ll be back.”

So calling all teachers, come and book yourself in for some you-time these school holidays – you will feel so much better for it!

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