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A Brief Recap of the Big Day

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As you all know, I have been busy planning my wedding. Well, that day has now come and gone and it was absolutey amazing!

The weather had been rather dismal the whole week leading up to the big day and, as we were to be married on Pages Beach, a teeny, tiny amount of worry started to creep in as the week progressed.

Our “back-up” plan was to just hope for the best, and luckily the stars aligned and we were given the most glorious weather for the day.

Unfortunately though, with all the rain that Geraldton had received, a lake had formed in the middle of the beach. So the night before the wedding my fella and his Groomsmen decided they would dig a trench to drain the lake back to the ocean. Myself, and I’m pretty sure everyone who knew what they were trying to do, thought they were crazy, but their trench-digging worked! The lake was still there, but significantly smaller leaving us a perfect spot to have our ceremony.

After all that, I’m very happy to say that all of the drama happened the day before and not on the day, which turned out even more beautiful and relaxed than I ever could have imagined!

Highlights of the day:

Our gorgeous little Flower Girl. She was utterly adorable!

The picnic we managed to squeeze in in between the ceremony and reception. It was lovely just to stop and soak it all in with our bridal party.

Our first dance. The lead up to the polished, refined finished product was a test in my fella’s patience as he taught me to dance. I also loved that our guests kept asking how long it took me to teach Jay to dance!

The speeches. They were so heartfelt and beautiful, we are very lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Last, but certainly not least, marrying my best friend. He really is pretty great!

The entire day and night were just amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing, except possibly eating a bit more food on the night, everybody said it was delicious though!

Now that the wedding is all done and dusted I have a whole lot more time on my hands, which means you should be reading a whole lot more from me over the coming months!


*On an unrelated note, I wanted to update you all on my Oil Pulling challenge I set for myself… I managed to do it every day for a week, then it became every couple of days, and now it is once a week. I did notice that my teeth looked whiter and definitely shinier when pulling regularly, although I did struggle to find 20 minutes of the day when to allocate to not being able to talk! I hope you guys were more disciplined in it than I was!

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