A Weekend of Massage

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A couple of weekends ago, three of our Senior Beauty Therapists were lucky enough to head down to Perth for the weekend to further their massage skill with a Discover Massage Australia course. Stacey, Simone and Nicole bundled snugly into the backseat of Nanna and Grandpa Indah’s Kluger, Grandpa cranked his Tony Joe White CD, and off they went for a weekend of learning and a little bit of fun as well.

Saturday was day one of the course and the three girls eagerly set off to the venue. Here they learnt a lot about remedying common ailments such as tennis elbow, shin splints and torn muscles, as well as plenty of new deep tissue massage techniques. All of the students had the opportunity to be the masseuse as well as the client, helping them to grasp the feeling of all the new techniques they were learning. Each time someone found an interesting knot or tight spot, the whole class was able to have a feel of the area giving them all an even wider knowledge.

That evening Stacey and Nicole treated themselves to a night at the casino while Nicole spent some time with family that live in Perth.

On Sunday morning they started day two of the course. After putting their heart and soul into their practice on day one, everyone in the class was feeling a little tender. It’s safe to say Sunday was a whole lot gentler, yet still intense with knowledge.

After a full on weekend of massage the girls headed back to Geraldton, and lucky for them, they got to listen to Tony Joe White the whole way home! The three of them are very excited to put everything they learnt into practice at Indah, so you may notice a few new techniques incorporated into your massage on your next visit.

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