A Wild Poppy is Born!

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Once upon a time there were three sisters. One day, the sisters had a wonderful idea, something that Geraldton had not seen before. The idea was to develop a business that delivered unique, high quality gift hampers that were anything but boring – a present that anyone would absolutely love to receive. They decided to work together to make it happen. So off the sisters went, sourcing the very best products that could fulfill their dreams.


That is how Wild Poppy Gift Bundles was born. Those three sisters are Laura, Tessa and Katrina Franceschi and they all are super excited to see all of their ideas coming to life in the form of their immaculately presented Bundles.

Imagine receiving a gift that is so beautifully packaged that it gives you a little twinge of sadness to open it up, for all that prettiness will be undone. But only for that moment, because what lies inside is, unbelievably, even better!

The contents of each lovingly created Bundle, are products that are a little bit special, not things you can just buy at any old place. Sourcing items from Aussie up-and-comers, the girls have spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect pieces for each different Bundle. One thing that sets the Bundles apart from other gift hampers is that there is a limited number of each different Bundle available, with each being individually stamped when it is packed up.

Wild Poppy currently have Baby Bundles – Girl, Boy or Neutral – available. As well as another created especially for your lover for Valentine’s Day helping to set you up for a romantic picnic dinner whilst you enjoy the sunset. In this package is The Apona beach blanket by Island Gypsy that has the special feature of repelling Grass and sand. No more bringing half of the beach home with you!

You will also find a bottle of fine French Champagne complete with a stopper and two glasses, a gorgeous handcrafted wooden cheeseboard and knife and a dish for some succulent strawberries. Plus the box all of this arrives in doubles as a table for your romantic evening! And no Valentine’s pressie is complete without some flowers!

How great does that sound?! I know I would be stoked to receive something as lovely as this (hint, hint!) and super jealous of anyone who does!

Laura, Tess and Katrina will be bringing out various other Bundles so stay updated by visiting them at Wild Poppy Gift Bundles on Facebook and Instagram. Support the newest addition to Geraldton’s growing local businesses!

Oh, and fingers crossed someone that loves you sends you a Bundle of goodness in the not too distant future!

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