Age – It’s Just a Number, Really!

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Just a couple of weeks ago it was my Grandpa’s birthday, and not just any old birthday, his 70th– a huge milestone! So being the good grand-daughter that I am, I went and found him a present, complete with a card that had “SEVENTY” emblazoned across the front of it. Feeling very proud of myself for being so organised, I called my dad to let him know and it turns out that the big milestone birthday was actually Grandpa’s 80th… oops!

I honestly could not believe that he and my Nanna, who has her birthday is coming up in February, were turning 80! So when I phoned Nanna to give her the heads up that I sent the wrong number card, she shared with me a few of her secrets.

Firstly, they both have always had a well- balanced diet, barely any processed foods, the odd treat here and there but nothing excessive. Really, we all know what we should be eating, but it’s sometimes hard to remember when there are so many quick, easy, but not always healthy options on the market.

Nanna then mentioned the fact that they exercise regularly. They are both members of a gym and part of a weekly walking group plus they are always pottering about in the garden when they are home. They are very active retirees, which I think really does contribute to how healthy they are.

Another thing, which Nanna didn’t actually mention to me, but I honestly think is a factor, is that they take a break at least a couple of times a year. As long as I can remember they have been heading off to Sydney or Melbourne to see exhibitions and shows and doing the touristy things. These breaks give them something to look forward to, plus travelling and seeing new places no matter what your age, will always enrich your life.

Obviously everyone’s circumstances are different, from their health, to whatever life has thrown at them over the years. Some of it may be luck, but there are usually ways we can help ourselves as well. These are just the things that have got my grandparents to the grand old age of 80 and I can only hope that when I am their age I am doing as well as they are!

I will also mention that Grandpa was stoked to get a card that said he was 10 years younger! Now, the big dilemma is whether I send Nanna a card that says ‘70’ or ‘80’…

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