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Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

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Way back when I was a young child I never really understood why Mums needed to have their own special day to be celebrated.

Didn’t they get enough joy out of just being a mum? We were good kids the majority of the time, we said thanks when she did things for us, mostly did as we were told. Another question I had back then was, “Why isn’t there a Kid’s Day?”

At the time I thought us kids were getting the raw deal. Now, not so much!

Now that I am a mum myself, I know firsthand how much really goes into this job title of ‘Mum”. My days consist of being a carer, a cleaner, a nurse, a cook, a personal stylist, a hairdresser, a playmate, and that’s just before lunchtime! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but it can be hard work! And now I know why mums need a day just to hear that they are appreciated.

I remember one year, I was in my teens, and I had bought mum one of the usual Mother’s Day presents. You know the ones – slippers, purse, choccies, dressing gown, foot spa – the things that mums like. I may, or may not, have wrapped it, and I did not get a card to go with my spectacular gift.

Well, my mother was a little (read: a lot) disappointed at my efforts.

I distinctly remember Mum saying “Next year, even if you can’t get a card, just write something on some paper and if you can’t find any paper, just grab some toilet paper and write on that!” I still didn’t understand what the big deal was, but I did make sure from then on I always made the effort of getting a card to go with mum’s gifts.

On that day I could not understand what the big deal was.

Now I do.

Mum’s do all these things for their children, not for the recognition or praise, but because they love them. In saying that though, it is still nice to hear that the things you do are appreciated. That’s why we have mother’s day -because it is so easy to forget.

So this Mother’s Day be sure to let your mum know exactly what she means to you and how much you love her, because that’s all she really wants for Mother’s day. (Although a lovely, thoughtful gift wouldn’t go astray either!)


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mumma and also to all the wonderful Mums out there. You’re doing an outstanding job!

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