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Have You Met Sophie?

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Sophie is one of our wonderful Senior Beauty Therapists here at Indah and has been with us for 18 months.

A lot of you may not know, but Sophie was actually THE original Spa Assistant at Indah when we first opened our doors. That was way back when she was just starting her Diploma of Beauty Therapy training. Since then Sophie has had a break from Indah, but happily in 2013 she joined us again as a fully qualified Beauty Therapist.


Sophie has always had a fascination with the human body, which is what led her to the beauty industry and learning all the ins and outs of how our bodies work. It’s no wonder now, that massage is one of Sophie’s favourite treatments to perform at work. The satisfaction she gets from helping to relieve pain from injuries or every day wear-and-tear is immeasurable.

Microhydrobrasion is Sophie’s go-to treatment to have when she gets the chance to relax. She loves that immediate squeaky clean feel she gets and the healthy glow she sports for the weeks afterwards.

Sophie believes that overall wellbeing is the result of looking after your body from the inside out. Think about what you are putting in and onto your body – what are you fueling your body with?

The day that Sophie wins the lottery she will set off and travel the world, starting with diving in the oceans off Hawaii. This being the case, it’s not surprising her favourite thing about living in Geraldton would have to be the beaches. We really are a bit spoilt here in that regard!

So if you haven’t yet met the amazing Sophie, get onto treating yourself to a massage, or any treatment for that matter, with her. I speak from first-hand experience when I say that her massages are most definitely the bomb!

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