Have You Met Stacey?

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Stacey is Indah’s amazing Spa Manager and has been a part of the Indah family since the very beginning, which will be five years in December. With eight years experience in the Health and Beauty industry, Stacey has a vast knowledge of all things spa related, from the best products for your skin, to the optimum time between waxes, she will always do her best to help.

Indah’s Hot Stone massage is one of Stacey’s favourite treatments to perform and if you are lucky enough to have had one from her you’ll know she is absolutely wonderful at giving them! Another of her favourites is anything waxing, and this may just be because she loves to have a chat but being a great multi-tasker, she still does a super thorough job.

When Stacey is lucky enough to be on the receiving end, she loves a good foot massage, more specifically Reflexology, which targets any areas of your body causing you grief through certain points on your feet. If there’s any chance she can sneak into the detox box before having her Reflexology done, this will make for one happy and relaxed Stacey!

Stacey’s all-time favourite product right now is Zuii’s new Eyebrow Definer for its amazing capability to give natural looking yet super defined brows, and the bonus is that it is so easy to apply.

Over the last few years Stacey has been fortunate enough to travel to Canada, not once but twice and this is still her dream holiday destination. But if she were to win Lotto, the plan would be to set off and explore Australia, to see and experience all that is right on our doorstep. That’s after paying off her mortgage of course!


Stacey’s passion for health and beauty is clear to anyone who has ever encountered her at Indah and she believes that overall wellness is so important, as we only get one body to live in, so we’d better take good care of it.

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