How to be a Healthier You

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The festive holidays are now well and truly over. So sadly that means chocolate is no longer seen as one of the food groups anymore…

Are you are having trouble getting out of the unhealthy food habits that the majority of us seem to gain over the Christmas period? We may be able to give you the boost out of the seemingly bottomless pit of delicious, yet potentially damaging tendencies. Not to mention that this is all done without the also potentially damaging effects of meal replacements, calorie counting or fad diets.


It can be so easy to forget about what we should be eating as opposed to what we actually are.

UltraLite could be the gentle kick up the derrière that you need! UltraLite is more than a weightloss program, it is more like a re-education for yourself on what and how much we should really be filling our bodies with.

Using a careful balance of carbohydrate and protein, as well as portion sizes, is the main idea behind UltraLite. Although the best part is that you are preparing and eating all real foods. That means no pre-prepared meals, no shakes and no supplements. This also means that this program is sustainable after you have reached your goal as you have been re-taught a healthy way of living.

Simone is our UltraLite Consultant here at Indah and she has already helped many people get back on the right track of healthy living. The programs range from a 3 week Detox all the way up to the 10 week Weight Loss.

During your initial consultation Simone will be able to help to choose the right one for your goals and your lifestyle. Your initial consultation is no obligation and free of charge, so you have nothing to lose!

Oh, except those bad habits and excess weight of course!

So if you need to get out of that post-Christmas funk you’re in, then get onto the phone to us right now! 9921 3344, we’re looking forward to your call!

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