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Hypnobirthing? Hypno-what?!

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Attention anyone who may be having a baby in the near or distant future, or anyone that knows somebody that might.

Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM is now available in Geraldton! Melissa Ayling is a certified Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM Practitioner and has bought her knowledge of the program to Geraldton and its surrounds and is looking forward to educating parents-to-be on the birthing experience.

So, what exactly is Hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing is a program designed for mothers -to-be and their birth companions that aim to give you the confidence and knowledge to be able to make the birth experience a positive one.

As much as everybody says that “once you have your beautiful baby you won’t remember any of your labour and birth”, I don’t really believe this to be true. Yes, while it’s true that now you have your little bundle of joy, your birth experience may be pushed to the furthest corner of your sleep deprived mind, I don’t think you ever truly forget. So wouldn’t it be wonderful to look back and not think of trauma and stress, but rather of a fearless and empowering time in your life?

Hypnobirthing provides you with the tools to be able to do this. Through breathing, relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis techniques the birthing process can be a calm and relaxed experience and also give you a greater sense of control over whatever situation may arise.

Of course, there may be the need for medical interventions or a caesarean birth. In these instances self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques are still beneficial in the lead up, during and after your baby is born.

You all know that a couple of months ago, Indah’s Tess just gave birth to beautiful Evie. Tess had a lot of success with hypnobirthing techniques to get her through a rather long and drawn out labour and birth. This is what Tess had to say about her experience…

“Being a first time mum, I was relieved to be introduced to Melissa’s Hypnobirthing classes from a friend and was very excited to be one of her first clients. The hypnobirthing approach to pregnancy, birth and beyond prepared me for the choices I had to make thoughout my experience and took the fear associated with birth away completely. Hypnobirthing made me a confident mum throughout pregnancy and I believe it’s responsible for my positive, drug-free birth experience. We now have a perfect little hypnobirthing baby girl!”

I can tell you, little Evie is one calm and content little poppet, which can likely be attributed by the way she came into the world. So, not only are the hypnobirthing techniques beneficial to get you through labour, but far beyond that, well into the challenges of new parenthood.

Melissa offers group or private classes ideally at around the 20-30 week mar of pregnancy, although if you are further along there are still other options to learn hypnobirthing. All classes are structured so that your support partner can, and is encouraged, to attend.

Melissa is holding a (FREE!!) Information Session on Sunday February 22nd. There you will be able to learn a little more about what hypnobirthing entails PLUS you get treated to a yummy afternoon tea from the team at Flowvitality and if that’s not enough, you could also win a course of Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM classes with Melissa, a luxurious Pregnancy Massage from Indah and much more!

Bookings are essential though, so head to Melissa’s website – to secure your spot.

If you would like some more information about Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM, get in contact with Melissa on 0438 643 348 or or go and have a squiz at her website.

Call me crazy, but learning a little bit about Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM kind of makes me want to have another baby just to try it out! Not just yet though, I’ve got a wedding dress to fit into first!

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