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Indah sprinkles some love

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Do you know our beautiful receptionist Trina?
She came to me with an idea to gift an Indah experience to someone who needs some brightness brought to their life.
What a beautiful idea! – We contacted our friend Bianca at Botanical Den to see if she would like to be a part of it, and she was excited to donate a beautiful bunch of blooms to the lucky recipient.

So, we put it to the community – to nominate someone that they thought was deserving of such thing, and why.
We received over 160 nominations in 24 hours! – and its still growing!
After reading all the nominations (crying lots of sad and happy tears) we decided rather than just choosing one person – we must try to spoil as many people as we can! – So we will be choosing someone as often as we can to spoil.
On Tuesday, Trina chose this lovely lady – Suzannah to surprise and spoil.
Watch this video of her reaction when we met her on our facebook page here :
Suzannah has had a difficult year and as so happy to see us pop in to see her.

Thank you to all the nominations. We will will be spoiling someone again soon.

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