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The last few weeks I have really struggled with getting these blogs written, not because I don’t love and enjoy writing them, I am! It’s because I am in the midst of wedding planning! So every time I sit down at my laptop and try to focus and concentrate, it takes everything ounce of self-control I have not to jump onto the web and Google something ridiculous like “beach wedding ideas” or “beach wedding flower ideas” or ‘blue and peach beach wedding flower ideas”.

In saying all of that, rather than spend this blog writing session jumping back and forth from this document to Pinterest, I’ll share a little of my, I mean our, plans!

Let me paint you a word picture…

“It will be a beautiful afternoon in April next year. The howling wind will have died down. The sun will be shining, but not too hot, and the sky will be dotted with several fluffy, marshmallow-looking clouds. All of my nearest and dearest will be eagerly awaiting my arrival, chatting quietly about what is to come.

As the perfectly timed sun makes it way out from behind one of the marshmallow clouds, out will walk my stunning Maid of Honour holding my adorable little girl’s hand. They will walk across the sand towards the shoreline, Little A gently tossing rose petals along the aisle. As I then walk out, the collective intake of my guests’ breath will be audible. There I am, the beautiful, relaxed, carefree Bride.”

Then I’ll most likely trip over a rogue piece of seaweed and face plant into the sand…

I am most definitely not the Bride who has been planning out my wedding since I was a little girl. I’m the Bride hoping I will be able to get a dress in time because we’ve decided to plan a wedding in 6 months’ time!

My biggest hope for our wedding is that we have our loved ones there to share it with; that we have enough food so no one needs to get a feed on their way home and that everyone enjoys themselves.

What I don’t want is to get lost in all of the details and forget what a wedding is really actually about. It’s not about the flowers, or the dress, or even just the Bride. This day is about two people declaring our love for each other in front of the people that mean the most to them. This is what I need to remember when I get all wrapped up in the minor details.

So, even if I do face plant as I walk down the aisle, as long as my fella is there to brush the sand off my face, our wedding day will still be the happiest I could ask for.

Now that this post is done I’m off to Google “blue and peach bohemian beach wedding flower ideas” and see if anything new pops up!

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