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Ooooh Honey, Honey… Detox Treatment

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The Honey Detox Treatment is the newest item to be added to Indah’s Treatment Menu. Combining the many benefits of raw honey with unique massage movements, this 60 minute treatment helps to swiftly rid the body of the many toxins that build up whilst we are out living our lives.

Honey has been used for its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, dating all the way back to ancient times. Honey has also been used for centuries by just about every culture around the world for skin care or medicinal purposes.

This treatment originates from Russia and, similar to reflexology, has a way of stimulating the reflexive zones of the body’s internal organs. In turn this allows the body to expel toxins that may have built up, leaving it restored and revived. Detoxification leads to your body being able to function to its full potential and also helps with your energy levels.

Last week I was the lucky little guinea pig that got to try out the Honey Detox Treatment with one of Indah’s wonderful Beauty Therapists, Jess – and now I’m here to report back to you all on what you can expect when you come in for one yourself…

So, when I went in for my treatment I didn’t really have any idea of what I was in for. All I knew was that it involved honey and special massage movements. I can tell you now that it was a wonderfully relaxing treatment to have done, with lots of soothing heat and very rhythmic movements.

Starting with warm heat pads applied to my back and some gentle stretches, I was already off in my own little happy place. Then came the honey. It was a strange, yet soothing, feeling having honey drizzled all over my back!

The massage movements that followed were not your typical massage movements, they were faster paced and repetitive, yet still rather relaxing. The honey feels sticky (of course!) and as the treatment wore on it felt tackier and stickier and towards the end it wasn’t feeling quite as soothing as the start. As I was nearing the end of my tolerance of the sticky feeling Jess stopped the massage movements and placed a lovely warm towel on my back and removed the honey.

*I should note that before commencing the treatment I was asked to inform Jess if the stickiness became unbearable. Personally I didn’t have any issues, but everyone has different tolerance levels.

Indah Geraldton Detox


The warm heat pads were placed back on and I was treated to an amazing foot massage to finish off my fantastic treatment. I was feeling pretty sleepy and relaxed straight afterwards.

Now, the next day was a different story…

Being a detoxifying treatment, the toxins that are built up in your system are going to be released, and they then have to come out of your body. For this reason it is extremely important to drink plenty of water both before, but especially after having a treatment of the nature done. Doing this helps to flush the toxins out of your body so if you haven’t had enough fluids when having a detoxifying treatment, you can sometimes be left feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus.

I had not consumed enough water.

I know, I know. I should most definitely know better. But I will certainly be drinking bucket loads of water before and after my next Honey Detox Treatment as I was told too!

A couple of days after the treatment I felt like a new person! I have had more energy and my skin has been glowing. I tend to be rather prone to that bloaty feeling towards the end of the day and I have noticed that has been relieved as well.

So apart from those couple of days feeling not so wonderful (which was my own doing) the whole experience has been great. And the results I noticed certainly speak for themselves!

I wholeheartedly recommend you try the Honey Detox Treatment. Even more so to anyone that is feeling sluggish and a bit flat, which honestly, at this time of year with the change of seasons and flu season rearing its ugly head, is just about everybody!

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