The Fig, The Spider & The Pregnant Lady

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Hands up anyone who has ever felt they need a timeout from the stress that everyday life brings. I know my hand is up straight in the air right now and I’m thinking a lot of yours are too! Well you and I are in luck, because Indah would like to introduce you to Sacred Fig Wellness Retreats. Sacred Fig’s founder Rhonda, is providing a retreat unlike any other, that will leave your mind, body and soul feeling like you don’t quite need that timeout anymore!

Combining the power of meditation (which I have mentioned before), healthy eating, yoga and various body therapies; the retreats leave your body feeling like the slate has been wiped clean. With Broome, Guilderton and Thailand as the locations of these getaways, you will feel like you’ve had a mini holiday without the “holiday hangover” to have to deal with at the end of it. Instead you will be left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energised.

Personally, I am saving up all my baby-free time owing to me to get away on one of these! I have my fingers crossed for Broome! Head over to to have a gander at all the beautiful retreats on offer for 2015.

Now, I mentioned Rhonda from Sacred Fig above, and I know you’re all just dying to know if that is the same Rhonda that spread her wings and left the Indah nest not that long ago. Well it most certainly is! Sacred Fig is her new baby now, and she is having great success with it.

As well as starting this new venture, Rhonda has been learning extensively through The Institute of Women on spiritual empowerment and freeing yourself emotionally. Basically, this is getting rid of all the baggage -past and present- that can be holding you back in life. Rhonda is now qualified to help others unblock their inner-barriers, ones they may not even be aware of. These could be phobias or issues stemming back generations.

Indah’s Mumma Tess has recently had some help from Rhonda with her enormous phobia of spiders. One night in her heavily pregnant state, she barricaded herself and her dog Biff into her room to escape the giant huntsman spider that she had seen in her house. After the spider kept her hostage overnight, she called Rhonda to “fix” her! Amazingly, Tess’ fear of spiders is gone. She even bragged to me that she just casually brushed one off her shoulder a couple of days later! This was a woman who literally taped up the crack under her door to escape a spider and now she could be best buddies with one!

If that isn’t a success story for Rhonda then I don’t know what is! If you think you could benefit from some emotional freedom then you can get in contact with Rhonda through or on 0428 516 335.

Until next time!

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