The Imminent Arrival of Indah’s Newest Family Member

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As a lot of you may know, “Mum and Dad Indah” aka Tess and Mat are getting ready to welcome a new addition to the Indah family. This will be Tess’ last “official” week at work before she goes into super-nesting mode at home before Baby Indah arrives.

It’s been wonderful to watch Tess go through all the different stages of her pregnancy…

First there was the very un-fun task of trying to appear normal whilst feeling nauseous all day. Then, once everyone knew, came the cravings! She’s lucky to have had Brooke, Indah’s amazing Spa Assistant, whose newest position at Indah was Chief of Fulfilling Cravings.

This job involved running over to Northgate at a moment’s notice to pick up anything from a Vegemite Scroll, to a Tuna Wrap, to pregnancy vitamins!

Then came the moment of realisation that she would need to have a bigger uniform made. This stage seemed to linger a little while, which I can totally understand. Really, pregnant or not, no one ever wants to have to get bigger clothes!

All the usual followed – aches and pains, strange dreams and indigestion. The fun stuff!

During this time, Tess has managed put everything into place so that once she heads off into motherhood Indah will keep rolling along as smoothly as it always has been. Luckily she has an amazing tea, all willing and ready to hold down the fort while the two of them settle into being parents.

So Tess and Mat, I know I speak for the whole Indah Family when I say that we wish for a safe (and hopefully swift!) delivery of Baby Indah and that you cherish each moment with your tiny precious bundle!

We all can’t wait to see its squishy little face!

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