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The power of nature

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I wasn’t aware of the power of holistic therapists and organic and natural products until I was 19. It was then I was introduced to it by a great friend and employer at an organic Day Spa in Perth were I was working as a manager. I was fast becoming aware of what the difference was between medial vs holistic and synthetic chemicals v organics.  For the guidance then and now I am forever grateful.
I had been suffering since I was age 13 with hormonal issues. I had been to see numerous doctors and had numerous blood tests when I was given no answers but to ‘go on the pill’. – A quick fix. . I wasn’t sold on that so I kept searching and finally I was told about a holistic doctor in Perth that specifically dealt with women’s hormones, I paid him a visit and was finally diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I was subscribed a natural treatment along with some organic supplements to help alleviate the symptoms and treat the cause of the problem.
The improvements began instantly and along with guidance on eating the right foods and the awareness of chemicals – 4 years later it finally disappeared. I successfully stopped the yam treatment with no symptoms returning. Since then – over the years I have been intrigued with the power of nature –  and the havoc synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and medications can have on our bodies.
9 years ago, we opened Indah health and beauty spa one of Australia’s only organic and natural day spas. My passion is health wellness, and relaxation and I find there’s nothing that excites me more than sharing my love for organics with others and seeing wellness improve. I also get a buzz from doing my bit to help the environment (but that’s a whole different story).
There is a never ending cycle of new information flooding our social media, magazines, blogs, podcasts and news on what’s ‘good for us – and bad for us and it can become so daunting and confusing. I don’t believe it is a case of ‘one size fits all’, each of us are unique in so many ways it all starts in being conscious about our health and wellbeing in everyway – and from there it grows naturally.
I looove chocolate, and all things chocolate. I’m no perfectionist in the ‘holistic world’ I’m also no expert, just a regular Mum on the coast of Western Australia with a passion – and a kick arse business full of likeminded motivated inspirational women ready to spread the word about holistic health wellbeing and life – whilst making a positive difference to the environment.
So, my first piece of advice, don’t rush to seek medical intervention for all your health concerns. I would highly recommend you research natural and organic alternatives first. From years of experience it’s a cheaper and more effective way to improve your wellness. Natural treatment doesn’t cause more health issues, and it works!  At the same time, please know that I have a high respect and I am very grateful for the medical industry, there is certainly a place for it. I’m just challenging you to seek help from nature, and focus on the cause of the issue before putting a bandaid on the problem.
Much love x

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