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To Do: Book a Microhydrabrasion

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Do you ever feel that no matter how well you look after your skin, you still feel that it needs an extra, super-duper deep clean?

Yes, you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise religiously and even treat yourself to a face mask every now and then, but it feels like there is still more that could be done to it.

Well, let me tell you about Indah’s Microhydrabrasion.

Our Microhydrabrasion is a treatment like none other available at Indah. Using our Microhydrasion machine, which I usually describe to clients as a vacuum cleaner for the skin, we are able to rid your skin of the layer of dead skin cells which like to call the surface of your skin home.

Our experienced therapists choose a diamond tip from 5 varying levels of abrasiveness, depending on your skin type and concerns. This first part of the Micro treatment is an intense “dry exfoliation” which buffs off those pesky dead skin cells, using the vacuum to suck them right off your skin. After this portion of the treatment your skin will be feeling super smooth, but after the “hydro” part, it will be feeling as soft as silk.

The “hydro” section is what sets this exfoliating treatment apart from other deep cleansing treatments. Purified water flushes your pores and is then sucked back out, along with dirt, grime and any other impurities that have been making themselves at home in your pores.

This treatment is great for any skin to give it that extra deep clean, but especially for anyone concerned with congestion, dull, lifeless skin, ageing, hyper-pigmentation or scarring.

Microhydrabrasion also allows your masks, serums and moisturisers to better penetrate the deeper layers of your skin, instead of just hydrating that dead cell layer.

A lot of new clients that we have experiencing the Microhydrabrasion for the first time are often concerned that this treatment will be uncomfortable or even painful, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! The majority of Microhydrabrasion clients we see actually doze off during their treatment (and the remainder tend to be in a deep comatose state!)- this is very much a non-invasive treatment that is really quite relaxing.

I’d have to say that the worst part about having a Microhydrabrasion is that you just want your skin to feel as amazing as it does after your treatment all of the time. This is one of the reasons why we have discounted prices if you purchase a package of 3, 6 or 10 treatments. Our Therapists will be able to advise you of a treatment schedule that will best suit your needs and concerns.

I would strongly advise anyone who feels their skin needs a kick up the backside to get it back its best, to give us a call and book in a Microhydrabrasion ASAP. I very much doubt that it will be a decision you’ll regret!

‘The Microhydrabrasion was not what I had expected. I was a little apprehensive at first as I had heard they were a bit rough but it was very gentle and my skin feels amazing! Very smooth, the cleanest its ever been!’ Lizzy D – West End

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