Have You Met Sophie?

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Sophie is one of our wonderful Senior Beauty Therapists here at Indah and has been with us for 18 months. A lot of you may not know, but Sophie was…

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Hypnobirthing? Hypno-what?!

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Attention anyone who may be having a baby in the near or distant future, or anyone that knows somebody that might. Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM is now available in Geraldton! Melissa Ayling is…

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A Wild Poppy is Born!

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Once upon a time there were three sisters. One day, the sisters had a wonderful idea, something that Geraldton had not seen before. The idea was to develop a business…

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How to be a Healthier You

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The festive holidays are now well and truly over. So sadly that means chocolate is no longer seen as one of the food groups anymore… Are you are having trouble…

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Spread the Love

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The day of luuurrve is just around the corner again! February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is the day to show that special person in your life just how much they mean…

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Indah Meets Sacred Fig

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Sunday February 8th. Go to that date in your diary and scribble “Sacred Fig at Indah”. You won’t want to be missing out on this day! Remember our friends over…

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Hello 2015!!

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Hello again! Well hasn’t the beginning of 2015 just sped by! Halfway through January, when did that happen?! I trust that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and the start of…

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Raw Lemon Slice

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Raw tasty treats are all the rage at the moment and I have sampled a few different things recently and every time I find something that is particularly delicious I…

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A Little Bit of Echo Abrolhos Magic

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I have a quick little visualisation activity for you all to do right now, it won’t take long… Close your eyes. Now picture yourself aboard one of the largest sea…

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