Have You Met Stacey?

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Stacey is Indah’s amazing Spa Manager and has been a part of the Indah family since the very beginning, which will be five years in December. With eight years experience…

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The Ultimate in Defying Age

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Have you ever had that shock when you look at yourself in the mirror, not just a glance, but a really good look at what your skin looks like close…

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Meditation & Relaxation

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Breathe in. Breathe out. Jaw clenched tight, shoulders feeling like they are sitting somewhere near your ears, the uncontrollable urge to bite the head off the next person to merely…

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Indah’s Bliss Balls

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Anyone who has had a luxurious treatment at Indah and has tried Indah’s Bliss Balls would have to agree they are AMAZING!! I know I’ve snuck my fair share in…

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The Face Behind Indah’s Blog

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So we should probably put a face to the words I will be spilling onto your computer screen! I am Bonnie and I have been a part of the Indah…

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