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A Geraldton community project

We are blessed to be in such a rewarding industry, on a daily basis we see what incredible impact we have on peoples lives for so many different reasons.

Our beautiful Reception Manager Trina had an idea – “let’s share the love!”

Once a month, Indah gives back to someone deserving, and we leave it up to the public to tell us who that should be. You will find on our facebook page (button to link) a Sharing the love post, where you can nominate someone in the community that you think deserves a luxurious Indah experience, and to be surprised and spoilt with some Tarts & Co blooms.

One of our team members will choose a deserving recipient once a month…

Here are some of our recipients


Eminence Skincare

For every retail Eminence skincare product sold – a tree is planted in developing countries.

Indah is proud to have been responsible for the planting of 5140 trees to date, and incredibly Eminence as a whole has been responsible for the planting of 11 million trees to date.

Here are some specific milestones this program has recently achieved:
• Trained and supported at least 200 farming families – protecting approximately 2,000 people from extreme poverty
• Produced and planted at least 400,000 fruit, nut and forestry trees each year for household consumption and sale
• Generated an additional estimated annual income of $5,800 per farmer by the fourth year and significantly higher growth in the 5-10 years that follow.


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