Clear Head Aromatherapy Pulse Point


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Clear your head and alleviate mental fatigue with this cooling, revitalising aromatherapy pulse point.

Refreshing and Rejuvenating | Intense Mint Aroma

Roll Clear Head Aromatherapy Pulse Point onto your temples and neck to release tension, alleviate mental fatigue and rejuvenate the spirit.

Refreshing, revitalising peppermint and Japanese hakka mint bring clarity and alertness. Invigorating lemon and fresh blue mallee eucalyptus revive the spirit to restore vitality, while lavender soothes and calms the racing mind.

Clear Head Pulse Point is perfect for those who need to release tension, revitalise their mind and improve mental clarity.

Apply liberally to your pulse points and replenish as desired.

Clear Head is best used on your temples and neck, however, please take care to avoid your eye area.

Clear Head is especially effective for releasing tension, alleviating mental fatigue and rejuvenating the spirit, so we recommend you take it with you everywhere – especially for study or work!

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