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&nbsp,I AM…Protected&nbsp,is a cleansing, purifying and uplifting scent and acts as a protective layer around your being. It aids in psychic protection, helping you to clear and release any energies taken on from your environment.


Directions:&nbsp,There are numerous ways this little&nbsp,one can be used so let’s get down to it:

* For clearing spaces simply mist throughout the room.

* For your own energy field simply spray over the crown of the head and around the body, let the mist fall through your field, imagine a positive light filled protective shield cocooning your being, take a deep breath and repeat the affirmation.&nbsp,

*Alternatively spray into your hands and sweep through your aura, surrendering any excess energies to the Earth, then stand up and cup&nbsp,the hands over&nbsp,the face and take 3 deep breaths, place your hands on your heart and have a moment of Gratitude and repeat the affirmation.

This is a great uplifting&nbsp,ritual to begin each day, and if necessary to use again&nbsp,at the end of the day to&nbsp,clear and release any&nbsp,undesired energy. Radiate your light!


AFFIRMATION:&nbsp,”I am safe, secure and protected. I attract wonderful people and opportunities into my life.”





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