Snooze Blend 10ml


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Like a comforting weighted blanket to tuck you in for a deep sleep.

Serene Lavender | Grounding Earthy Notes | Comforting Sweet Orange

Create a sleep cocoon and fall into a deep and rejuvenating sleep with the soothing scent of Snooze. Calming, tension-reducing lavender in perfect synergy with nurturing sweet orange promotes tranquillity and relaxation. Petitgrain has a stabilising effect on the nervous system and earthy vetiver alleviates mental and emotional exhaustion to help you find deep rest.


Comforting, relaxing, nurturing lavender pure essential oil is prized for its soothing effect on the emotions, and traditionally used in aromatherapy to promote sleep and reduce tension.

Sweet orange
Relaxing and revitalising, sweet orange pure essential oil is comforting and soothing for the soul.

Refreshing and relaxing petitgrain pure essential oil has a stabilising effect on the nervous system, making it ideal for reducing tension.

Revitalising, nurturing, grounding vetiver pure essential oil helps to alleviate mental and emotional exhaustion to help you relax.

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