SPA Packages

Enjoy any of the following packages by yourself or in two's

Wattle Seed (allow 1h 30min)

1hr Aromatherapy Massage or Therapeutic Massage
Soothing Mint Foot Treatment


River Gum (allow 1h 5o min)

Manicure or Pedicure
Back Massage
Relax Facial

Bottlebrush (2 hrs)

1 hour Aromatherapy or Therapeutic Massage
Revitalising Facial

Kangaroo Paw (allow 3hrs)

Outdoor Relaxation Bath
1hr Aromatherapy Massage or Therapeutic Massage
Marine Mineral Facial

Waratah (allow 5hrs)

Thermal Infusing Facial
Hot Stone Massage
Spa Pedicure
Skeetas Restaurant Lunch


Melaleuca (allow 7 hrs)

Steam Room
Detoxifying Marine Body Wrap
Deluxe Therapy Spa
Skeetas Restaurant Lunch
1hr Aromatherapy Massage or Therapeutic Massage
Sodashi Marine Mineral Facial



(tailored to suit any skin type)
The skin has pores and follicles that need to be regularly
cleaned. Blocked pores is characterised by blackheads,
congestion and blemishes. To vacuum the skin is an
ideal way to ensure the skin is deeply cleaned and
decongested. Microhydrabrasion is a system that
exfoliates the skin with diamonds but simultaneously
cleans the skin too. Our deepest cleansing facial assists
with reversing scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.
Package Pricing:
3 Microhydrabrasion Treatments $405
6 Microhydrabrasion Treatments $750
8 Microhydrabrasion Treatments $920
10 Microhydrabrasion Treatments $1100


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