Express Back Massage (30 mins)

Firm, Medium or Light Pressure

A massage of your upper back, lower back and shoulders designed to help relieve upper body tension. You will receive a foot compress to begin the experience. Great for those on the go, or perfect to add to another Indah treatment.


Indah’s Amethyst Head Massage (30 mins)

Medium, or Light Pressure

This stress relieving massage has been created using the Indian Head Massage technique with amethyst stone added for further relaxation. Our professional therapist will massage the top of your back, shoulders, neck, head and face.

This massage is traditionally performed seated, please inform our receptionist if you would prefer to enjoy lying down.


Aromatherapy Massage (60mins) or (90 mins)

Medium or Light Pressure

This popular massage soothes and loosens the superficial muscle structure, working to relax the entire body, improve general wellbeing and reduce mental stress. When you arrive at Indah you will choose one of three carefully blended aromatherapy oils to enhance your experience as well as a choice of areas you would like our professional massage therapist to avoid or focus on.

$117 or $167

Pregnancy Massage (60 mins) or (90 mins.)

Firm, medium or light pressure. not recommended before 12 weeks

Enjoy a full body massage whilst you lay on your stomach using our comfortable pregnancy pillow designed especially for pregnancy massages. Our professional therapists will ensure you will be deeply relaxed in preparation for welcoming your little one into the world.

$130 or $177

Warm Bamboo Massage (60 mins)

Medium or light pressure

Our Bamboo Massage is the use of hollow organically treated bamboo canes, in various sizes used to knead and roll out knots and relax tense muscles. It combines the traditional benefits of massage along with the comforting qualities of heat. The perfect massage to counter the effects of tension and lack of rest.


Therapeutic Massage (60 mins) or (90 mins)

Medium or firm pressure

A full body massage to release tension and knots to help reduce discomfort. Our professional massage therapist focuses on the soft or deep layers of muscles to release the stress on your body. With your choice of areas you wish us to avoid or focus on.

$130 or $180

Hot Stone Massage (90 mins)

Light or medium pressure

Indah’s most popular massage. Using warm volcanic stones to penetrate the muscles and relax and soften muscle tissue, this is a deeply relaxing and treating massage for the whole body. Enjoy the healing benefits of amethyst for a heightened experience.



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